• build your own robot

  • who is Otto?


    Otto is an interactive robot

    that anyone can make!

  • why is Otto special?


    Otto is completely and truly Opensource,

    Arduino compatible, 3D printable

    the perfect opportunity to build and have your very first robot,
    learn robotics and have fun; is more than just a robot

    a truly emotional robot that connects with all people








  • build your own robot


    you will be able to build your own Otto

    in as little as one hour!
    easy to build and disassemble with
    a simple mini screwdriver








  • what can Otto do?


    go straight, back, turn left and right


    multiple style moves like moonwalk

    makes sounds

    robot beeps that represent moods

    avoid obstacles

    ultrasound sensor to detect objects

    3D printable

    easy to print in less than 10 hours


    after print ready to build in only 1 hour

    open source

    design completely free

    program with Arduino IDE

    USB connect for control and coding


    add your own features

  • Otto builder community

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  • build it!

    because Otto DIY is truly Open source; all files are available for FREE, find the electronics, 3D print the plastic parts, then follow the detailed step by step guide to make and build your own Otto

  • Otto DIY+ (PLUS) is the improved and advanced version of original #OttoDIY ("Otto DIY with steroids"), the idea is to have the same base features DIY robot + Bluetooth control + graphical programming + Android APP (already Beta)+ metal gear servo motors + rechargeable batteries + modes activation + sensors + light moods + other outputs +...?

    the exciting part is that we are doing open development with everyone around the world, not only with experts, makers and hackers; you can join us with feedback, comments in social network, testing or any other contribution that you might think of, just drop some comments and ideas

    Otto DIY+ is here!

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