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a little Story of Otto

Is not much of a mystery where Otto was inspired from; we always make sure to give the appropriate credits to Otto ancestors.

Many people think came directly from Zowi but actually Otto first iteration was Tito a very direct derivative design from Zowi which uses 4 big Futaba servos to walk and move and a bigger board; the classic Arduino UNO. We made the following improvements:

  • Able to have an Arduino UNO board (or smaller) inside the robot head.
  • 3 LEDs for a simple mouth.
  • Rounded top head.
  • Legs thickness increased and reinforced rounds.
  • Rounded feet top.
  • Chassis - base simplified.
  • Easy to reprogram or energize having the connectors in the back.

#bobthebiped then #zowi by BQ then Tito; first iteration Arduino compatible, thanks all this is a real opensource hardware development.

Then Otto took simplicity and size from BoB the BiPed arobot and code from Zowi. Further modifications in the design were made in all details to make it low price with clever use of components off-the-shelf hardware, few 3d printed parts, the smallest affordable opensource board we could use; the Arduino Nano, and with a press-fit mechanical design. That combination make of Otto the easiest cool looking biped robot to build by yourself, or like Elliot Williams from hackaday said: " It’s probably the most refined Bob design that we’ve seen yet."

All electronics parts are out of the shelf and are very easy to buy basically everywhere; we don't try to create some sort of business strategy so people can buy from only one source.

There is a big growing code ecosystem and Otto community out there, so join us!, become an #OttoBuilder

Interested to design your own Biped robot?

Well now you can just start to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for FREE for makers small bussiness and students

You can change, resize, remix and redesign our own Biped robot by using all these opensource resources.
And call to #Ottobuilders around the world!, remember... The community is growing but we need to keep sharing:

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